Saturday, December 26, 2009

Portrait of an Artist

Portrait of an Artist • 12" x 12" • oil on canvas

It was an amazing and fun challenge to receive a photo of an artist without being told his name or anything about him except that he looked content. He would be facing the same challenge with my photo.

Excited to get to work, I started with a pencil sketch in my sketchbook the night the photo was emailed to me. I layered on paint for two weeks, painting shadows and light with great texture, than blending it and layering it again. It was tough for me to blend all of the brushstrokes which I loved but felt it would read more as a portrait if I smoothed it. I do believe I found the happy medium. Because I don't know anything about the subject I used the cool green on the left against the warm red on the right. I also used this color concept in the colors of his skin and I used quite a bit of orange in the flesh tone to pop out his blue eyes.

I love the way this oil portrait turned out and I hope this gentleman does too!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Portrait of my Brazilian Brother

Brazilian Brother • 24" x 24" • oil on canvas

I painted this portrait and then stepped back and looked at it. I painted my Brazilian brother Ron. He lived with my family for quite a few years and coincidentally shares my birthday. I love the shadow and colors I used in this painting and the way the right side is out of focus. It has a very beautiful glowing and mysterious quiality.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fun Persian Cat

Perri • 9" x 12" • acrylic on canvas

I love this kitty! Bright fun colorful and full of persian personality. The big, bright eyes and cute expression make me feel happy.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ben's Birthday Boy!

Trooper • 9" x 12" • oil on canvas

Ben has been begging for a puppy. Well what better birthday and holiday gift could a kid get than an adorable, fun little yellow lab puppy? You lucky boy, Ben! I have been working on this painting for over a month. I started it out as one of my fun, colorful portraits and couldn't stop trying to make it look exactly like the photo. The back leg is hidden by the fabric of the dog bed in the photo and it was hard to make that seem correct. There are many, many layers on this painting. The red dog bed is the color of Ben's bedroom wall and the background is the color of his bed. I love his ears, eyes and nose. Happy Birthday Ben!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Over the Golden Gate and Through San Francisco - HOME

Bay Area Bliss • 48" x 48" • Acrylic on Canvas

Many of my paintings just flow from my feelings. I realized this large abstract is my Bay Area life. I started out in the Silicon Valley, moved to San Francisco, to Mt. View, back to the city, and am now living on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge in the most beautiful place in the world. The path is in the middle because I would be equally happy in any of these gorgeous and unique Bay Area locations. My real home is still down in the South Bay for me to visit on wonderful weeks like Thanksgiving. My family makes it loving, fun, and oh so amazing. At the end I always wind my way back down the peninsula, through the city, over the bridge, along the bay and home again.