Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Autumn in Sonoma

Autumn Vinyard and Trees • 12" x 12" • oil on panel

The race to the barn through the traffic is harried in the rain. I help my daughter saddle up the horse and as she jumps fences I wander the beautiful grounds. I walk through the vinyard watching birds splash in puddles and flutter through the trees and shrubs. I see a pair of deer disappear into the vinyard ahead of me. Each row of grapes is breathtaking as the angles change and the raindrops fall and drip from my face and from the leaves. The sky reflects on the wet leaves. The grapes left on the vine are shriveled but add to the rich colors my eyes are mixing. My fingers are frozen and the mud is caking on my boots but I can't get enough of the fresh air and the luscious colors and textures all around. I rush back to the barn in the dark to catch my daughters last round of jumps. I can't wait to get out my rich oil colors and a wood panel and paint this delightful day!

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