Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saratoga Vineyard and Oak Tree Oil Painting

Saratoga Vinyard and Oak Tree • 12" x 12" • oil on panel

Year after year the ride over the Golden Gate Bridge through the city and on the freeway is graced by the smell of my home-made cranberry ribbon apple pie. Listening to music and talking about Grandmas beautiful Thanksgiving table and meal. Off the freeway and into my parents neighborhood we know we are there when we see the gorgeous vines of the corner vineyard and the old oak tree. This year is unlike the others as we are having a late fall and the leaves are still lush on the vine. Soon they will shrivel and fall to the ground exposing the orange vines that lie beneath.

Back at my studio I paint the vineyard with its fresh and bright green grass against the red earth. A little cloud in the sky after the rains and the majestic old oak tree standing tall in the back as if guarding the grapes. I capture the feeling of this Saratoga vineyard so dear to my heart and so near to my family home.

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