Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Window to a New Year - Daytime

New Years Eve Symphony • 16" x 20" • oil on canvas

This abstract that I painted on the last day of 2009 really sums up the way my days have felt this winter. Exciting and full yet I've been much calmer than the usual me. The colors seem to represent the weather we've been experiencing; cool and blue with a pop of sun. This painting feels like a window to a happy time. My friends that have seen it stood in front of it seeing things that really made me see them too. It is amazing how an abstract can just flow from you onto the canvas and different people can see different things. I love to watch the viewers and listen to them discuss my abstracts. The other wonderful thing about abstracts is that you can hang them in any direction and find a new interpretation of the same painting. When I turn this painting horizontal I see a landscape. As a vertical it seems to create a window. Although I used a limited color palette, there are many other things to be seen in this painting if you stop and stare.

Today I went to a perfect yoga class and left the gym feeling like I was floating. I played with my dogs and then went horseback riding. I saw the forecast for rain tonight so I worked on dressage in the outdoor arena while it was dry.

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